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Posted on 05-19-2017


This is my experience, please consult a doctor before following this..


Oooo the word fasting is less known to the west. Unless you follow some kind of diet or a nutrition coach. 

Fasting has been in my family from the day I was born :). Yes, my mom was in labour for a long time and then I was born. To this day she blames herself for me not eating as she delivered me starving. Through out my childhood I asked for less food, did not eat much. I constantly got yelled by my grandmother, that it would affect my preganancy. 
I was a saint in my previous incarnations so fasting comes natural to my body. 
Skipping meals as a growing up teenager was fancy. I am sure, it is fancy to this day.
yes I admit I have been guilty of it. Now ayurvedically I can see the blunders I made as a kid, and try to correct that for my kids. 
My actual intentionful fasting started when I came across my friend Ashwin. He said he never failed any of his engineering papers and found a job as soon as he completed his collage. He credited all to fasting for lord Ganesh. A day called Sankatachaturthi, it's 4 th day from full moon. 
Many people in several states in India, keep a fast for whole day and end it with eating yogurt rice. 
But according to Ashwin I could eat any cuisine I wanted to. Now my mind was happy to fast as i hung a devious meal at the end of the day.  I could do it with out water all day I had no problem. by evening the actual excitement would go towards picking a resturant to eat. I usually planned it with all my friends to have good Chinese dinner. I can't laugh at myself enough for damage I did to my health. Now I am so aware of how to ease into fasting and come out slow.
So now my body can go on fasting with just water for 8 days. I started to water fast a year back. I take most of my clients through it. when they sign up for cleansing. I can tell you the benefits of fasting is so many more than usual articles and books can explain.
  • First day is the hardest, head aches , leg cramps are all natural. vomiting feels great, even if it is just water. that brings relief to upper channels to throw out accumulated toxins.
  • Second day gets a little better or worse depending on the amount of toxins you have and the areas you have it in your body. tongue feels yucky and thick, but it is all a process.
  • I usually have constant head ache, I am unable to register words. 
  • second day, challenge is not able to hear, and irritableness is amazing. this test my meditation level and stability in my mind.
  • ​Third day bring clarity, as toxins burn I am more energetic. by third day, I am adding strawberries to my water. cucumber is a great addition too. I keep sipping water constantly.
  • I even take in caster oil, induce diarrhea on day one. 
  • ​Most important thing to follow is rest, do not work, stay home for first 2 days of water fasting. from 3rd day you will have energy to do all that you want as the toxins are burning. I run, go to Sauna, again I am experienced in listening to my body, I did my own delivery and labor. So I am very intuitive with all cues my body gives me. 

​I don't usually let my clients go beyond 2 days of water fasting. However I like it for me, so I am sharing my experience. So please do not follow my experience. Please contact me or consult a Doctor before you go through fasting. 

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