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Foundations of Ayurveda  100 HR YACEP 

Enjoy learning Ayurveda the ancient healing science from your home. 

Basics of Ayurveda 

Topics covered include:

Vedic origin of Ayurveda, its lineage.

Concepts Pancha Mahabuta

Elements and its combinations

Tri-Doshik Theory

Gunas and its influence on our body and mind

Concept of Prakruti and Vikruti

Imbalances of 3 doshas 

Lifestyle and seasonal practices

Doshas and Personality

Dathus and Sara


Workshop starts November 2017

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Vinayam Sthree Svasthya & Asana abhyasa

This module is for women who want to dive into women hood

and get to know the function of Uterus.

Great module  for mom's who have tween daughters who have

not yet had their first period.

Ayurvedic perspective of diet before first periods.

For mom's whose daughters have cramps and struggle during their monthly cycles.

For yoga instructors who offer yoga for tween girls. 

Pranayama for hormonal imbalance.

This is completely a online workshop 

We will discuss yoga poses that can nurture and empower womanhood

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Asana Abhyasa for women

This is a 20Hr workshop ( considered as contact hour)

We will learn 34 poses for women vitality and health

Pregnancy is part of women hood, just like puberty and menopause.

This is all Yoga postures that are important to sustain our health.

Offered on weekends for convenience, come learn poses for self practice.

If you are a yoga instructor wanting to add Prenatal yoga under your belt,

this is a great workshop 

If you are Pregnant women who wants to develop a self practice,

or expecting to conceive soon and would love to learn yoga poses this work shop is for you.

Want to know more and register 

 contact me for more info.

Scared journey of pregnancy

This is a great module for women who are entering into motherhood

Yoga teachers who want to specialize yoga for prenatal women.

Doula who wish to know about prenatal health

Ayurvedic perspective of diet to follow, conception to birth 

Mantras that stimulate and calm the mind of both mom and baby

Herbs to use to increase Breast milk

Self care and solution to all common complaints during pregnancy.

Discussion on yoga and pranayama that benefit during 9 months

Hormones and Physiology 

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Celebrate Womanhood 

Maintain sanity in everyday life

Learn to use herbs from kitchen to look your best

Poses and Pranayama for healthy living

Meditation in my everyday

Say bye to anxiousness

Menopause and its complaint

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