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Private 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training and Certification

Classes in Goa, India, starting oct. 2018

GuRu means a master, a person to follow. Ru is lightness that follows the lead -- the master.

At Vinayam, we offer RU Yoga School Teacher Training and Certification, bringing back the traditional teaching style with a little bit of flow added for modern and contemporary lifestyles. It’s a gentle flow paced Vinyasa with a few pauses to get deeper into asana practice with complete awareness on breath. 

At Vinayam RU Yoga School, our motto is, “Practice brings awareness.” 

Teacher training is only offered as private or semi-private classes, stretched over a period of 4 months, with choice of weekday and weekend classes. Our focus is on empowering the individual to deepen their own personal knowledge of yoga, as we believe that "Self transformation is world transformation."

Our curriculum illuminates the traditional yoga practices, along with the current physical training needed to be a confident teacher. Over the course of the 4 months, students will benefit from a deeper understanding of alignment principles, yoga anatomy, and yoga philosophy. Students are taught a very spiritual and humble approach to yoga, which is a combination of traditional Hatha and Vinyasa flow. This includes meditation, chanting, pranayama, and exposure to some Ayurveda to establish a firm foundation of learning and practicing. 

Students will learn dharma and foundations of Ayurveda, yoga sutra (yamas and Niyamas) to choose and surrender their life to practice and lead their life as a yogi. Students will practice their teaching voice from the first day, as they practice to rehearse in their mind how to cue flowing from one pose to another. This provides an opportunity to practice and guide themselves while their body is moving from pose to pose, to feel and experience every asana practice to maximum benefit. This creates a muscle memory in the physical body and awareness in the mind.

Students will master over 10 different poses, which will include standing balance poses, forward bends, back bends, seated asana, twists, foundational namaskaras, traditional classical sun and moon salutations, and a few inversions according to the level of practice a student is willing to do.

Area of study includes:

  • Over 20 sequences and slow flow practice, being gentle on themselves and bringing it in their practice to teach others later.
  • Time management in sequencing according to a 60-minutes class or a 75-minute class.
  • Brief description and demonstrations of asana, and sequencing and benefits of demonstration according to alignment in a group setting.
  • Modifying poses according to special requests in a group setting, as well as private or individual setting.
  • An hour of techniques of chair, yoga for seniors, and corporate settings. 
  • Exposure to knowledge about both eastern and western philosophy of physical body and mind.
  • Introduction to the Chakra system and different types of meditations that are practiced.
  • Sequencing according to Ayurveda body type and doshas.
  • Studies on traditional texts, and how asana practice is associated with transformation of the self and of life itself.
  • The 8 limbs of Hindu philosophy.
  • Techniques for teaching beginners, and how to incorporate a theme to create a sequence, especially in a nonspiritual environment in which students learn using Sanskrit and English names of asana.
  • History and philosophies of yoga pathanjali, chanting Bhagwat Gita, importance of gayatri mantra, and other mantra.
  • How yoga is connected to spiritual aspects of mind and meditation along with physical aspects of increasing flexibility and challenging the body to strengthen.
  • To gain experience in a real teaching environment, students will observe the instructor during her classes, including work on hands-on alignment corrections, and body adjustments.
  • Use of props for poses.
  • Brief lessons on how to welcome and surrender each pose, to relax, being gentle in their voice and provide maximum relaxation and calmness to others.
  • Ethics of student–teacher relationship and setting up boundaries, for their practice and in their teaching. 
  • Ethics of a yoga teacher and how to serve and nurture their creativity without performing any adultery.
  • Business self-promotion through media, and developing an online business.
  • Yoga Alliance benefits and perks of being a member.                                                      


At Vinayam RU Yoga School, we do not have any form of prerequisites; we accept you as you are and where you are in your journey. Yoga is everyday learning from the heart center. All we need is a small passionate flame to learn and be "yoga" from the first day, and help you live in the true meaning of yoga!

Minimum requirement is previous yoga practice with a familiarity of Vinyasa and ability to understand and communicate in English. This is completely private couching one -on -one. can be offered on skype for students who have very less time in their schedule. 

START DATE:  22nd July 2019


  • 180 contact hours taught over 4 months (July-Aug-Sep-Oct 2019)  It is Spread through 18 weeks with 10-12 hours each week
  • Class dates, times, and hours are flexible (will be decided upon registration according to individual student needs; once dates and times are decided, they will not be changed).
  • Next class offering:  July-Aug-Sep-Oct 2019

Modules offered for 18 weeks 

PRICE:  $5000

$500 nonrefundable deposit by 25th Jan 2019 is required to reserve your space. A list of suggested books will be provided upon registration and must be purchased at student's expense. 

(Payment options are available)

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Offered September 2018 to May 2019

Interested in diving deeper into self-care and intensive teacher training for one whole month? Have you dreamed of a getaway where your whole being is nurtured to be brand new? 

At RU Yoga School in Goa, it is all about self-learning and awakening surrounded by nature. Most teaching programs offer just physical awakening, but at RU Yoga School, we focus on emotional and mental cleansing and conscious awakening of inner self with a purpose in life. You will definitely leave with a new perspective toward your life and others.

Next batch starts October 3rd 2018

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Welcome to my web home!

I am a passionate yogi, divinely connected to Ayurveda and Yoga. I perceive all beings as a whole. I embrace life as a journey of exploration and living in true essence of our natural quality. 

Each one of us is a reflection, a divine spark of the universe. I believe in transformations on a daily basis, in which every day includes gratitude and service to expand into a better version of myself in every moment, unfolding into freedom from the norm in every breath, in the process of being whole, not perfect!

A humble flame from my heart in the journey towards enlightening spiritual paths.

- Vinaya


  • Guided breath meditation
  • Visual meditation
  • Restorative meditation    
  • Skype Meditation
  • Power of practical meditation
  • 200Hr Meditation certification

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Fertility Enhancement
  • Planned Conception
  • Empower Uterus health

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  • In-home private yoga instruction
  • Prenatal/postnatal yoga
  • Vinyasa (strengthening), Hatha, Gentle, and Restorative Yoga
  • Small group and corporate yoga
  • “Yoga at Desk”
  • Skype Yoga
  • 200-HR Teacher Training and Certification

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  • Ayurveda diet
  • Seasonal diet and yoga poses
  • Pranayama
  • Body type (Dosha) analysis
  • Pregnancy diet
  • Weight loss diet
  • Cleanse and Detox
  • Planned Conception
  • Fertility Enhancement
  • Dermatology

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