Day 3 Spring Self Detox- OIL PULLING

Around early March our body naturally starts cleansing depending on where you live. 

Mild headaches, restlessness, repetitive thoughts are all early symptoms of body changes that happens naturally. This could continue into symptoms \\\loose stools, migraine, body aches, and insomnia.

As the days start to get longer our body is trying to melt the inner snow accumulated in winter.

For easy transition try to drink more water, most of the seasonal vegetables are diuretic, try to add in all the seasonal vegetable. 

Eat light, drink plenty of herbal tea. Include fennel seeds, dill leaves, and radishes. 

Next best addition to detox is oil pulling. I cannot explain the extra ordinary benefits of Oil pulling. Results can vary, but always leaves a positive impact on the body when done regularly.

I suggest my clients to start with coconut oil so it's not too strong.

I start my day with sesame seeds oil, a small cup of oil.  Oil pulling has been used in India for ages without any scientific proof. Now with research we can understand why oil pulling was used extensively.

Research says, Oil pulling reduced the counts of streptococcus mutans bacteria- a significant contributor to tooth decay—in the plaque and saliva of children. Oil pulling can be used as an effective preventive adjunct in maintain and improving oral health. It is seen to have reduced aerobic microorganisms in plaque among adolescent boys and plaque-induced gingivitis. It reduces microorganisms that reduce bad breath.

It is an Ayurvedic ritual dating back over 4000 years.The technique of Oil Pulling is mentioned in all the three major ancient book of Ayurveda. Mentioned in Sanskrit as "Kavala Dharna", Oil pulling is basically a simple method where one needs to sip some oil and swish it through the oral cavity for some times before throwing it out. Another simple diversion of this method is called as "Gandsuh" where one holds the oil in the mouth  for some time before throwing it out.In both the methods one does not swallow the oil. Oil pulling is traditionally done with sesame oil, though you can also use other organic, cold-pressed oils like coconut and sunflower.


I personally wake up and first thing I do is take a table spoon of sesame oil and hold it in my mouth as I go through my morning rituals. It is not meant to be swallowed, it absorbs the toxin from your body, make sure to spit it out. After few minutes you will feel quantity increasing with addition of your saliva. The oil may turn into a thin, milky consistency. At this point, it’s time to spit it out, rinse, and brush as usual. Swishing is not necessary,unless you have other symptoms described below. Hold it in your mouth and spit it out, rinse your mouth few times, and do your normal mouth cleansing rituals. It is really easy!

Many have YOUTUBE video on it.

Main benefits that I hear from my clients and have experienced are


The oil possesses natural antibiotic and antiviral properties that brighten and cleans teeth, keeping them pearly white. If you are like me, where being healthy means everything, it gives you white teeth without using chemicals. Please try it to see the difference.


My energy levels have certainly gone up after practicing oil pulling regularly. Probably I can give credit to oil pulling as secret of running behind my 4 kids.


In my opinion mouth is where digestion begins. Mouth should be the first point of detox for our body.Oil pulling absorbs all the toxins from the gums and gets rid of it. Regular practice can increase your immunity.


Toxins can sneak in even if you eat organic, our environment is not that safe and clean. The effects are seen as hormonal imbalance. When you begin oil pulling, hormones can behave as they should, function to their best ability without being thrown off balance.


My migraine has become  history for me. As a pitta dosha personality, I aim for perfection in everything. A body filled with toxins can leave me with stressful thoughts leading to migraine. I can confirm oil pulling has helped me get rid of all kinds of headaches. It has increased clarity in my thinking.


Practice of oil pulling deals with oral hygiene, increased immunity, balanced hormones and energy a result of all these changes our skin tends to glow and appear clear. My clients have found rashes and skin issues have to be reduced dramatically or even disappear completely.

Other noticable benefits are: 

Gandush is recommended in 

  • - to improve strength of lower jaw and chin
  • - to improve quality of speech, voice
  • - to improve strength of face
  • - to increase liking towards food
  • - to improve senses of taste
  • - useful in dry lips, thirst
  • - improves strength of gums and teeth.

 Kaval (swishing) is good in conditions, such as :

  • - shirahshul (headache)
  • - Karna roga (ear diseases)
  • - Akshi roga (Eye diseases)
  • - Lalasrav (excessive salivation)
  • - Kanth roga (Throat problems)
  • - Mukhashosh (Thirst)
  • - Aruchi (Anorexia)
  • - Pinas (Chronic sinusitis)

Practice regularly to notice big changes; sometime you will be able to see results instantly sometimes it may take few weeks before you notice drastic changes. It depends on how well you take care of your body, state of your health mentally, physically and emotionally, and how compromised your immunity is.


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