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Dr Amelia Franklin, PT, OCS (owner and Physical therapist)

Amelia is an orthopedic and women’s health physical therapist with a holistic, nontraditional approach to treatment.  She enjoys working with motivated patients with a multitude of diagnoses, from but not limited to, low back pain, sports injuries, to peripartum pain and dysfunction.  She is an expert at assessing the entire body’s mechanics in order to truly resolve dysfunction.  She prides herself in empowering others to love, value, and appreciate themselves by achieving wellness in mind, body and spirit. She values family and is completely in love with her husband and two young daughters.

Walker Franklin Physical Therapy

21750 Red Rum Dr, Suite 102

Ashburn, VA 20147

Lori Peterson (NPTI Certified Personal Trainer)

Real Women Workout

12255 Exbury st, Herndon, VA 20170


 Kareena Nair, mommy of three and the founder of Vedic Potion Inc. Although, professionally I have been an IT Security Engineer for past two decades but my passion has always been in experimenting with making homemade products using my homegrown herbs. After having kids and getting ‘busy’ with ‘life’, I noticed my hair getting dry and damaged every time I colored or used chemical products on them. Also, I started losing a lot more hair than normal. This is when I routinely started oiling my hair using my family’s traditional recipe. Within a few months of routinely oiling, I noticed that my hair was much softer and had its natural luster back. As my hair got healthier and stronger, I started experimenting with various versions of my recipe to fit my hair needs. The change in my hair quality was so drastic that my family, friends, and neighbors also starting using my oils. After using and loving it, they encouraged me into bringing my hair oils to the market. Hence, Vedic Potion Inc. was born and my passion became my new profession.

Pleasance Silicki

Is the founder of lilomm yoga & wellness. She is a holistic health coach, author, mama, and creator of intentional communities. She leads wellness retreats, workshops and teaches classes in Washington, DC while also supporting her online community THRIVE a foundational wellness course for busy modern women looking for more joy and ease in daily life. You can find all her offerings and sign up to get her weekly Wake Up Wednesday email full of stress reducing, healthy habit support and practices tips and tricks!


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