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Ayurvedic Services

You will experience optimum health and wellness — in your own home — with Vinayam’s Ayurveda programs. Get your own guide to eating and feeling healthy! 

Vinaya is well experienced in putting together unique programs for clients needs. Vinaya is passionate about clients seeing results.

Contact if you take your health seriously and want to heal with natural methods.

An hour of consultation is $175

Follow up consultation $100

Pay using PayPal.

Cash also accepted – please contact me

Ayurvedic Balance Individual program 

Ayurvedic balance is all about bringing balance in your everyday activity, this is self journey through Panchakarma process. Eat nutritious and simple food and lead a completed balanced lifestyle. If you feel your life is out of balance, you travel a lot, want a change to routine which is easy to follow. If you have health issue that is not solved by western approach. Have gained weight, struggle to have a good night sleep, feel fatigue and stressed. This is just for you!

Ancient acharya's suggest this detox at every 6 months seasonal change.

Complete diet modification is needed for minimum 7-10 days. Includes Dosha analysis, personalized ayurvedic lifestyle routine, diet and nutrition information,  steps to follow pancha karma process, gentle detox and customized cleanse, help with time management, spiritual practices, questions answered via email and text messaging, yoga poses, pranayama, dinacharya, recommendation of herbs. 

If you live far away consultation is done on Skype or Zoom. 


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Ayurveda and Dermatology 

Vinaya offers ayurvedic care for skin issues. Management of specific skin diseases. 

Contact Vinaya for daily practices, seasonal regime practices in preventive and curative dermatology. Vinaya will help you manage conditions of ageing, wrinkling and acne with ancient knowledge of Ayurveda. 

Experienced in management of conditions 

  • Teenage acne
  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo 

90 min Initial consultation $200

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Infertility and Conception

Ayurvedic infertility treatment is planned according to individual needs, starting with focus on regulating menstrual cycle, offering a cleanse to support and achieve healthy uterus. Changes in diet to nourish and improve the quality of Sperm and Ovum. This is a journey internal and external, emotional support is provided with healing and diet planning.


Pre-process: Cleanse includes

  • Fasting or elimination of certain category of foods
  • Diet changes designed according to seasonal requirements and dosha analysis
  • Step by step process of oil massage, kramas to be followed. 
  • Yoga poses to increase fertility 
  • Music and Mantras
  • Herbs ( Not included)
  • Emotional support, healing (charged separately)

Initial 60 mins consultation $175

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New Mom's complete Ayurveda & Prenatal Yoga & Doula Service

New to motherhood? A fabulous time to reinvent yourself to prepare for your big day.

This is a great time to keep a check on what you eat, I personally have experienced great pregnancy by simply following a healthy diet. A nutrition rich diet with out adding extra pounds.

A complete pregnancy diet and Yoga poses designed just for your body. I will be your wellness coach through out your pregnancy.

Includes 1 consultation (phone or in home or Skype), complete diet guidelines month-by-month diet plan designed for your needs, Herbal remedy for common pregnancy complaints, unlimited access to email if faced with any issue.

Monthly diet  $400 

Diet & Yoga poses specific to your health and individual body type 


Private Yoga sessions ( Charged separately)

Individual diet & Yoga poses & Doula for your big day!


Know More

Learn something new

Ayurvedic cooking!

(In-home with in 10 miles or Skype)

I have been part of Indian kitchen and cooking from early on. Ayurvedic cooking is what I grew up with. Learn how to cook food for soul, not just your body. Bored of what you have been eating?  Want to learn new combinations of mixing vegetables, according to principles of Ayurveda?

This one is for you! 

Kitchen police (clean your cabinet)

How to use herbs and spices

5 recipes to cook and eat (grocery list bought at own expenses)


Gynecological Consultations

Unlike western medicine, Ayurveda has several different approach to healing a women's body. Uterus and its health is taken very seriously by the ancient Acharya's.  Vinaya believes in solving issues naturally, as our body can heal on its own if you provide it with right treatment at right time.  Western practitioner have limited tools of birth control pills or solve issues with surgeries. If you are ready to take a bold step in allowing your body to heal naturally with patience contact me.

I am experienced in providing management in:

  • Menstrual disorder
  • Endometriosis 
  • PCOS, Diet modification for PCOS
  • Infertility management and Fertility Enhancement.
  • Menarche and Diet for teenage girls
  • Issues related to menopause.
  • Hormonal Imbalances 

60 mins consultation $175

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