Prenatal Yoga

Helps You Relax While You Are Expecting

Despite misinformation indicating otherwise, exercise remains an essential part of any healthy pregnancy for an active woman. But, as your baby continues to grow, you may notice your traditional Zumba or Spin routine becoming more and more unfeasible. Your body is still plenty capable of regular exercise, but some positions just aren't going to be comfortable enough to remain a part of your usual class lineup. It's time to mix things up a bit, while still ensuring that those gym visits remain as enjoyable as ever.

What is one of the easiest ways to accomplish such a seemingly impossible endeavor? Set aside a little time for prenatal yoga at VINAYAM. In addition to the traditional benefits of yoga, these prenatal stretch sequences allow some release from the usual discomforts associated with pregnancy.

If you're new to the prenatal variation on classic yoga, you might be a little worried about attending your very first session. But you'll quickly find that there is really no reason to feel stressed out. At VINAYAM, we will make you feel comfortable every step of the way and ensure that you and your baby are safe and serene. This type of exercise is relaxing; yet, you'll be surprised just how motivated you are to push yourself. It helps to arrive at one of our classes knowing the basic yoga benefits and outcomes, as well as the standard exercise routine. Here are some of the things you can expect from this classic yoga offering at VINAYAM.

Pregnant woman in seated yoga pose with hands together in front of her heart


Pregnant women often experience increased stiffness in the neck, back and legs. This annoying sensation can be minimized with the inclusion of the occasional stretch break in your daily routine. As a prenatal yogi, you'll learn a comprehensive stretch routine that allows you to comfortably expand your overall range of motion. One of the certified instructors at VINAYAM will help you find some stretches that increase your mobility and decrease any current discomfort you may feel -- particularly in your back.


If you're like the typical pregnant woman, your "baby bump" discomfort is compounded by stressors related to work and family.  All this stress can have a negative impact on your child's prenatal development. In order to clear away the mental chatter, your "Serenity Yoga" instructor will guide you through a series of breathing exercises. You'll be asked to engage in deep breathing, utilizing the diaphragm. It's amazing how quickly this exercise reduces your stress load!

Whether you're a lifelong yogi or completely new to this exciting form of exercise, you stand to benefit from attending a yoga class aimed specifically at helping pregnant women. As long as your physician believes that physical activity is safe for you, this local yoga class can do worlds of good for your mental and physical state. Give it a try and experience the immediate skyrocketing of your overall health and well being!

Prasutha at Vinayam

Vinaya Saunders is a certified Doula and a mother of six. Prenatal yoga at VINAYAM is not regular prenatal yoga. At VINAYAM, you are exposed to ancient traditional pampering for new moms, along with a modern scientific approach. Learn poses and diet that take you through motherhood fearlessly. From before you conceive until the moment you hold your creation, Vinaya can guide you and be your partner in your most sacred journey of motherhood. Motherhood is tough. Yoga can bring stability and prepare you for your big day. Vinaya can help you with profound meditation techniques and the use of props to experience deeper hip openers. 

Class are offered at your home  Via Skype. We, at VINAYAM, believe in pampering the Mother who is creating a miracle. 

Package of In-person session $150/session.

Package of 10 sessions $850 (Via skype)

To have Vinaya Saunders as your wellness coach and Doula, check out the link below:

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