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If you have any questions about the pricing at Vinayam, please don’t hesitate to call us at 571-488-2522.

In-Home Private Yoga Instruction

You receive concentrated, individual attention in our one-on-one practice. The practice is designed to prioritize your needs by individual requirements and body type. Diet and body analysis are separate.

Initial 60 minutes consultation: $150

Includes consultation and 25 mins of demo

Package of 12 Online private sessions: $1500

Pay & Schedule

In-Home Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga (Mommy & Baby)

Pricing differs with location

Package of 10 sessions offered online via Skype or Zoom:  $800

Pay & Schedule

Corporate Yoga

On-site Yoga Instruction  Yoga classes provide employees a break in their work day, which enhances productivity. It includes a routine with fitness in an hour to de-stress and improve focus. Sessions are ongoing, once or twice a week. 

Contact me for pricing.

Yoga At Your Desk

We contract for wellness events and health fairs. Yoga at Your Desk is an opportunity for employees to learn how to address any physical issues that they experience as a result of work life which requires them to be seated constantly. Vinaya will teach them stretches and poses that are done without leaving their chairs. 

Contact me for pricing.

Weekend Events 

60 minutes event $175

90 minutes event $225

Contact me if you wish to transform your body and your life.

We love to see results, which we do by following strict scheduling.  Please commit and dedicate yourself to practice to notice big changes. 

There is a 24-hour-in-advance-of-appointment cancellation policy for weekdays. If you fail to provide adequate notice, you will be charged $25.

There is a 48-hour-in-advance-of-appointment cancellation policy for weekends. If you fail to provide adequate notice, you will be charged $50.


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