FAQS Conception and Fertility Enhancement

Sacred Conception and Pregnancy

This method is explained in traditional Ayurveda texts. I follow step by step method as explained in traditional texts.

I couldn't believe my own ears and eyes that what science has figured out now, was explained thousands of years before by ancient sages. After working with women, I completely believe in herbs and this process of worshipping our uterus.

Now a days we have apparatus to clearly see how a sperm looks,functions of ovaries. Ancient Acharyas (Sages) have written precisely to finest details thousands of years earlier. They knew about how women's body functions and how male health is important. 

For thousands of years India has been a mystical place not just for its vast history but it's methods and solutions to several problems humans face today. Ancient texts are filled with wealth of knowledge about several things that science is yet to figure out. Ancient people invested into future, It was not about sex and conception. They thought of preparing a women's body just like a farmer who takes time, to check the soil, fertility of the farm land, nourishment and mindfulness of seasons.

This is a technique which involves check on not just physical health of women, we take care of emotional and mental health too. Life doesn't really revolve around YOU all the time we all get old eventually. Sages knew investing in future generation with good virtues is investing in good planet. 

Ancient kings and queens needed good successor with great qualities and virtues. A progeny with all good virtues strength and valor. They did not differentiate like today picking to have male babies over female babies.

Following this method is all about planning, nurture your body and mind. Invest into your baby and future of the planet this is for you.

This method is for you if:

If you are a women who has tried everything, are unsuccessful.

This is for mother's  who want to get pregnant and have a healthy baby with good virtues.

This method is for you, If you have regular monthly cycles and you have test results that says you and your husband have no other health issues. 

If you have irregular monthly cycles the process could get a little longer as our first step is to regulate menstruation. We do not know the results of combining Western medicines along with ayurvedic herbs, in this case it could take longer.  

I am willing to work with women who are in late 30's- 40's this method would be great for you.

Science doesn't have any method to enhance fertility or uterus health apart from popular birth control pills. 

This is a great way to conceive healthy second or additional baby for healthy moms, you could plan enhance and empower your uterus and then conceive a healthy baby. 

What does the process involve? 

Step 1. Elimination- Cleanse- Re-introduction for good diet.

This is a natural cleansing method done before adding any herbs as we carry toxins and clogged channels.  It is important to work on removing clogged channels and toxins. If you have gone through IVFs there is chances that it will be a little intense. 

Step 2. Then we add a month long herbs to improve your central digestive fire. So all nutrients are readily absorbed by your body. When you start consuming herbs to improve fertility it gets to right tissues. 

Step 3. We keep a close look on health periods, to regulate monthly cycles.

Step 4. Nothing happens without a intention set for future. We set intention for a good soul to be your baby. If you are spiritual and know spirit world, there are lot of bad souls waiting to get on earth plane. We work with affirmations, law of attraction. During this period we add meditation practice and Pranayama. This helps in relaxation of nervous system, regulate hormone imbalances and clear cluttered emotions. 

Step 5. We eliminate certain toxic people, programs you watch and introduce yourself to goodness in all senses. Doing charity, volunteering at organizations where you hear good and feel gratitude. Work on virtues that you can inculcate to follow, that you want to see in your baby. 

Step 6. We start to add herbs that improves fertility and gets uterus ready for process of conception. During this time man and woman work individually on increasing health of ovum and sperm health till the next phase of ovulation. 

Step 7. We decide the day for intercourse and continue trying from then. we use all Ayurveda kramas, nasya, abhyanga and diet. 

How long does it take?

Usually the whole process takes 6-8 months. I ask clients to give a year minimum. As it is more emotional and blockages of mind need a strong knock to break down. Also depends on individual. 

One client got pregnant within 3 months, other one took 6 months. If your age is closure to menopause, It could take a little longer.  

This is not for you if:

You do not take responsibility for your health. Healthy habits and mind are very important to conceive a healthy baby.

If you cannot take bitter herbs.

This is not one pill solution to the damages you have done during your youthful days. Miscarriages, abortions, IVF ruin uterus health, this will certainly take time. 

If you are a skeptic and have resistance to changes.

This is not for you if you are looking for instant " + " sign on your pee stick. 


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