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  • Food combination (Viruddha Ahara) Article from Swetha Chalamalasetty
    Observations on antagonistic food is a unique contribution from Ayurveda in order to prevent internal diseases and synergize action of drugs in the management of disorders. Charaka explained in detail Read more
  • Fasting day 2
    Fasting Day 2 Water fasting is easier if you have fasted before. First timer hang in there!!!  Second day is usually easy for some, but for some it is exhausting. Body needs Read more
  • Fasting Day 1
    Fasting Day 1 Water fast 1st day... Wake up with a positive intention. Calm your mind, take few breaths so you can quite your mind.  Usually it's more mental block that is affecting Read more
  • Water Fasting/ Fasting
    Fasting This is my experience, please consult a doctor before following this..      Oooo the word fasting is less known to the west. Unless you follow some kind of diet or a Read more
  • Day 4 Spring Self Detox Scared Space
    Find an Alter or a particular place where you can meditate and perform all your pranayama. Keep that space just for your practice and writing. Mention it to your friends Read more
  • Day 3 Spring Self Detox- OIL PULLING
    Around early March our body naturally starts cleansing depending on where you live.  Mild headaches, restlessness, repetitive thoughts are all early symptoms of body changes that happens naturally. This could continue into Read more
  • Spring Self detox Day 2
    Day 2  List of things you will need for our detox! 1) Copper Jug, found online or at an Indian store. It’s a Ama buster, It scrapes out mucus from our system. Read more
  • Spring Self Detox Day 1
    Day 1 Start cleaning!Easy way to detox is to clean your space, garage, storage areas. Small spaces which could be crammed with unwanted and unused things. You never know what makes Read more
  • Guru Namaskar
    Guru Namaskara Read more
  • The Four Best Breathing Exercise for Beginners.  Anytime.  Anywhere!
    In my everyday practice, I observe many of my students breathing  through their mouth.  Through my experience I have found that  breathing is very personal. It is very personal because it takes Read more
  • Self Care
    Self-care is taking responsibility for your conscious mind What exactly is self-care? In today’s world, everyone is selfish and thinks only about themselves. Spirituality teaches us that we have to become Read more
  • Lord Ganesha deity of Obstacles
    Ganesha Ganesha … We all know him as a symbol of the destroyer of obstacles. As the Hindu deity we worship before initiating any new beginning, he is world famous!In the Hindu Read more
  • Heart Space Meditation
    Heart space! Have you ever felt lonely? Or separate from everything? What is this fear? Why do we tell ourselves, “I am not good enough?” Or “I am alone”? All these feelings start with Read more

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