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Born and brought up in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, India, life began in a rigid Hindhu Brahmin upbringing. From early on, I was fortunate to have traveled to many temples and cities around India with my parents. I had a vast array of exposure to all kinds of traditional rituals, yoga practice, tantra, and holistic lifestyle. My first yoga experience began when I was only 11 years old as part of my school curriculum, where we learned the practice of different Namaskaras, Bhagvath Gita chanting, and Asanas practices.

Transitioning in my career from engineering to interior design exposed me to many new people from all walks of life. I was never aware that yoga and Ayurvedic nutrition would take center stage in my universe. Today, as a mother of four, emphasis on self-nurturing has been critical for me. I truly understand the importance of setting an example for my kids in today's day and age of media exposure. To keep the tradition and cultural upbringing alive in a different country was definitely a motivation to begin my journey of as a teacher of yoga and Ayurveda.

In early 2005, my passion for yoga began its creative journey into all kinds of yoga classes in and around Herndon VA. My search for higher learning led me to a class with Andrew McAuley. After taking his classes for more than a year, his suggestion to pursue a career in yoga took me to Ananda Shala in Frederick MD. I was fascinated by the lessons of my teacher, Maria Garre. As I progressed in my path of learning, I completed my 200-hour teacher training. I continued my journey by training under the well-known Shiva Rea, Shannon Paige, ChristopherTompkins and several other teachers to acquire my 300-hour certification.

  My passion for yoga ushered in the holistic living approach of Ayurveda. I was trained under Maria Garre and Sonia Masocco in this ancient medicine. My commitment to teaching has led me on a path of deep inner happiness. It has been a rewarding journey of self-exploration and self-growth. The spiritual aspects of yoga eventually led me to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga. Since then my practice has shifted to a focus on personal growth, gratitude, and humility. Under the guidance of Dr Amrutha Athale I am soaking into deepest knowledge of Ayurveda literature. I am on a ever learning journey. My quest of learning made me pursue courses in Ayurveda Obstetrics, Dermatology and Gynecology. I have a new and empowering appreciation towards womanhood and enjoy working with woman who are need of fertility enhancement. 

I am founder of yoga style Vinayam ( A humble approach to yoga) I offer 200 Hr teacher training in Vinayam Arogya Yoga, Vinayam Mana Kriya (200 Hr meditation certification) I offer several workshops on Pranayama, mudra meditation and women's health.

After I went through the process of self birthing my 4th baby, I have been spreading awareness on being fearless and confident for woman. I am creator of "From infertility to delivery" (Your little one is waiting..) I enjoy working with woman, with set patterns and concepts about themselves, women who are in their late 30's and early 40's wishing to conceive. I transform thinking of women who are willing to work with me. I offer Power of practical meditation which is a tool for everyday living with mindfulness.

Blending the knowledge of my culture and upbringing, I bring Ayurveda and yoga into every yoga class. I am experienced in offering detox and Ayurvedic cleanse. I solve Dermatological issues with clients who are as young as 2 years old.  I am also a prolific writer and frequent contributor to CureJoy (www.curejoy.com) and I am working on two e-books.


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