With her origin from India, she has yoga in her blood. I am always amazed of her ability to make me learn and enjoy a little more about yoga every class.  


Vinaya, is best for a corporate employee. For several years I paid gyms and ended up in their yoga classes. Their yoga classes left me bloated, poses after poses it felt good for the body. I was physically tired but mentally so pushed into frustration. Vinaya's yoga sessions are what I customise for me, depending on my day. That's how yoga should be. Thank you Vinaya.

Vinaya is motivating, she has improved my hearing abilities. I am 72 and I have blossomed into an amazing yogi with her Skype sessions. She is patient. Even as a beginner when I started, I was guided extremely gentle. Her sessions leave me with sense of satisfaction. No other yoga teacher in any studio can give me that feeling. 


What an inspiration you are! I love reading your write-ups. They are very genuine, straightforward and totally brings down the stress levels.  


Vinaya has taught me what it truly means to be clear in mind and body. She taught me the Ayurvedic principles of eating with the seasons and even came to my house to teach me to make ghee and do yoga poses! She goes above and beyond to teach the things she is passionate about. Vinaya has become a trusted friend and guiding light. I love her!


  I have been a student taking private lessons from Vinaya for 6 months and I am completely amazed at the changes I have seen spiritually, emotionally and physically from her instruction. What I tried to heal for 10 years in talk therapy she was able to finally help me with in a much shorter time, with more lasting results.

Not only does she teach me yoga poses with a specific purpose for my own growth or healing but she explains each step of the way how and why to do them. In our hour long class each week I am amazed that we are able to go from meditating, to Yoga poses, to discussing the best diet for me, reviewing my week and working on anything that might be on my mind. Vinaya has helped me to let go of my anxiety and really to see the world in a completely different way. She has helped me to shift my perspective and get in touch with my true self and understanding my purpose here. I strongly encourage her classes for anyone who wants Yoga instruction that is very holistic and seeks to incorporate the principles into a new way of living, not just an exercise.

Apart from the mental and spiritual changes, I also have had less physical stress, I've been able to sleep better, and I feel much more in tune with the nutritional needs of my body. I cannot recommend her enough!


A private yoga class on a community tennis court!


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