You Will Love Vinyasa Yoga

Vin-Hatha is a practice which is offered at VINAYAM. This where flow meets the traditional form of holding poses. Vinyasa yoga, also referred to as flow yoga, is a practice in which movements and asanas (poses) are synchronized with the breath. At VINAYAM, our vinyasa yoga classes consist of upward movements that are performed while inhaling and downward movements that are performed while exhaling. The asanas are linked together so that the class consists of almost continuous, smoothly flowing movement. To increase strength and challenge we hold poses. One of our advanced vinyasa classes is a great way to break a sweat. The synchronization of breath with movement brings sense of greatly increased focus.

Benefits of Yoga

At VINAYAM, our Vinyasa yoga classes can help you increase your muscle strength, improve your flexibility, enjoy increased focus and concentration, and enrich your spiritual life. We can easily modify the practice to suit practitioners of all levels, from absolute beginners to the most advanced practitioners. Flow yoga is a very diverse practice. In fact, the Sanskrit word vinyasa means "variations within parameters." Whether you're looking for a hardcore workout, increased focus on the mind-body connection, or an avenue to a more spiritual lifestyle, there's a vinyasa style ideally suited to your needs at VINAYAM.

Vinyasa yoga is a popular option for our students who are seeking a challenging practice that grows in difficulty as their skills develop. The practice is based on a six asana series, each more difficult than the last, so you can work your way to more advanced poses as you grow in strength and flexibility. If you enjoy an active lifestyle and are looking for a practice that will make you sweat, power yoga is the way to go. This practice is an offshoot of vinyasa or power yoga that's designed to present a challenging, aerobic workout for strength training and flexibility. The certified instructors at VINAYAM can recommend a form of Vinyasa to you, based on your specific needs and the skill level where you are now -- as well as where you will be when you meet your goals.

Awaken Your Spiritual Side

If you want to benefit from the increased focus of meditation and the spiritual teachings of traditional yoga, try Vin-Hatha, which combines chanting, music, affirmations, readings and meditation with asanas. Vinaya's Vin-hatha also offers a deeply meditative, spiritual practice. For a practice that emphasizes alignment and offers education on the philosophical background of the practice, try one of our sessions.

Vin-Hatha yoga at VINAYAM is a diverse practice suited to practitioners of all skill levels. Its emphasis on variety has made it a popular choice among Western yoga students, and students at my group classes often rave about the class and come back for more. No matter what your lifestyle or preferences, there is probably a flow class for you at VINAYAM. 

Vinaya is happy to meet you at your skill level and make the vin-hatha class work for you. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable, so don’t be afraid to try something new, because we will help you along the way!


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