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Want to Grow as a Yogi? Consider Yoga Certification

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Inspiration and Motivation - Why Become Certified as a Yoga Teacher?

When you fully appreciate the physical and spiritual benefits of yoga, it's natural to become inspired to share your enthusiasm for the practice with other people. From students who are first starting out in yoga practice, to yogis who have many years under their belts, you can touch many people in your hometown and beyond by getting certified in yoga instruction at VINAYAM.

There are a number of reasons to get your yoga certification.  First, there are many health benefits associated with yoga, such as lowering blood pressure, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, enhancing balance, and even lowering body fat. You will be able to stretch your muscles, which can keep you fit and also aid in recovery from injury. Teacher training helps you not only become healthier and more proficient in your practice, but also enables you to pass on these physical benefits to each student in your classes.

In addition to the wonderful health benefits, yoga at VINAYAM (or at any studio) provides a number of emotional and spiritual benefits.

Who Can Benefit from Becoming a Yogi / Teacher?

Any yogi who loves to practice would be a great candidate for yoga certification. Yogis tend to be very dedicated to the practice already, so the extra hours required for certification time will not seem too daunting. These hours will be spent practicing yoga in a studio, which won't feel like work at all.

Current instructors for other physical modalities, like Pilates or group exercise, are also great candidates for yoga teacher training. Instructors tend to be physically fit and usually enjoy learning new fitness regimens.

If you're a personal trainer, you might want to look into getting certified to teach yoga. It will expand your areas of expertise, could attract more clients, and will allow you to assist your current clients in new ways.

Certification and Continuing Education

Once you've decided to become a yoga teacher, there are many yoga teacher trainings to choose from, including our 200-hour and 500-hour certifications. At VINAYAM, we believe in staying up to date with the most current techniques and methods.

VINAYAM always recommends continuing education after a yogi gets his or her yoga certification and becomes a teacher. Typically, this additional education is provided through workshops. Workshops are given regularly and can even take place at your own studio. If you want to maintain a current certification with the Yoga Alliance, you will be required to attend 75 hours of continued education every three years.

So, share your love of yoga with others and get your certification to become an instructor. When people see your great enthusiasm for the practice of yoga, they, too, can be inspired to learn of the health, emotional and spiritual benefits. I'll bet they come to love yoga as much as you do!

Teacher Training offer in Goa India from Sep 2019 - May 2020


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