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Posted on 05-21-2017

Fasting Day 1

Water fast 1st day...

Wake up with a positive intention. Calm your mind, take few breaths so you can quite your mind. 
Usually it's more mental block that is affecting your fasting. Your body is certainly capable of handling one or 2 days of fasting. 
Heat up the overnight copper charged water. Before sipping, put in affirmations " This water is pure energy from the source, it has all the nutrients to keep me going for the day" 
This is a process of cleansing and rejuvenation. 
Every time you sit to sip your warm water say different affirmation so you can charge your water and all the cells in your body. 
If you have lymph nodes issues, you will surely experience some discomfort in legs especially calf muscles.  
By evening squeeze some lime in your water, this will make you vomit or get absorbed into your body. Either ways it is good to add some vitamins.
Some actually add honey to their water, adding honey keeps your energy levels but the process slows down as the sweetness feeds all the bacterias which has gotten used to sweet taste. I suggest adding honey if you continue your water fast to day 3. 
I usually throw up, and I love it. Yes throwing up relaxes the head ache. There are different levels in successful " Vamana" induced vomiting which is a panchakarma process.
To induce vomiting put a spoonfull of salt into water and consume it. For me squeezing lime works great. And since I have already put an intent of cleansing my body automatically knows to remove everything. 
Vomiting (Vamana) below are the steps to have successful vomiting. 
1 step you burp a lot 
2 step you will get sour Taste as you are (vata) throwing out water 
3 you get some mucus or bubbles (kapha)
Last step to successful vomiting is bitter taste in the mouth (pitta)
You will feel a sense of relief and satisfaction. 
If you have nausea, please do not control vomiting. It will definitely help you as your body knows what it is doing. Allow your body to take care of cleansing process. Unlike you normally hear myths about vomiting, this is a process that is to clean up your mind and body. If you have several episodes of vomiting let it happen may be your body needs it. Do not stop it. In return just rest and let the body take care of it naturally. Our society is built on fear, vomiting is also resisted sometime.
Maintain a journal, mind will throw up a lot too. You will initially crave a lot of different food. Your favorite restaurant, hidden food in the kitchen, especially the sweets which you have forgotten. Resist your craving for food. I usually cook for my family still maintain the will power of not eating. Keep sipping water!

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